Café Younes is first and foremost a specialty coffee roaster since 1935. For over 80 years, acclaimed Lebanese specialty coffee roaster Café Younes has been roasting and brewing quality artisanal coffee since 1935. It is also one of the most popular coffee shops in Beirut, pleasing customers’ palates with the finest blends of freshly roasted and ground coffee, specialty drinks, baked goods, sandwiches and homemade burgers. As one of the emerging franchise businesses of its kind in Lebanon today, Café Younes has grown from one coffee roaster in Lebanon in 1935 to a brand with locations in Beirut and now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Café Younes is committed to prosperity, growth, and continued excellence and to serve the greatest cup of coffee each and every time. Whether to an uncompromising coffee connoisseur, a business meeting group, a student needing a quiet place to study or a socialite looking to mingle over lunch, the coffee shop offers an ideal atmosphere, great food and, of course, a wide range of fresh coffee blends from around the world.

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